Decisive Communications fiber technicians are trained in the installation and splicing of SM/MM fiber optics, including loose tube and ribbonized fibers as well as WDM/CDWM/DWDM technology. 

Decisive certified technicians are trained in advanced troubleshooting of CDWM and DWDM circuit as well as Harmonic Super link technology for long haul and node +3.


Decisive specialized emergency repair and restoration teams quickly take action to restore the existing network.  

  • Fiber Characterization
  • EXPO-CDWM OTDR, EXPO OSA and Signal Generator
  • Cell tower backhaul installation and support
  • Installation, programming and advance troubleshooting of Ciena and Juniper switches and routers
  • “Turn-Key” Metro E installation
  • Head-end migrations
  • SCTE Broadband transport specialist certified techs
  • Amtrak and CXS safety certified techs