Press Release: Decisive Communications Develops Mobile Apps to Improve Service Time, Quality for Clients

May 20, 2015 09:09 AM

Frederick, MD - Decisive Communications, a turn-key solution based organization that provides a full suite of services in the telecommunications industry, announced today the launch of a suite of mobile applications to significantly reduce damages, improve quality and gain efficiencies for clients across the nation.

As a result of efforts by Decisive Communications to incorporate smart device technology into all facets of its business, the company has recently rolled out four apps to improve everyday workflow, for both iOS and Android smart devices.

Among the new apps in use by Decisive technicians is The Decisive Drop App, an automated entry system for underground drop tickets that uses GPS-location services to ensure accuracy, proactively notifies customers of their job status and eliminates back office intervention. Since its deployment, The Decisive Drop App has cut service times in half for multi-system operator (MSO) clients including Comcast.

“We are extremely proud of our continued dedication to improving the quality of service we offer our clients,” said Timithy B. Harwood, President of Decisive Communications. “With that mission in mind, I’m proud to say we have developed a suite of apps that effectively remove redundant and repetitive tasks previously subject to human error.”

Decisive Communications provides a variety of services to MSO clients like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications, along with government clients like the State of Maryland and commercial retail companies including Walgreens and T-Mobile Communications.

Headquartered in Frederick, Md., Decisive Communications provides versatile and carefully managed workforces in the following areas: Broadband Fulfillment Services, Fulfillment Support Services, Construction Services, Engineering & Construction Management, Fiber Restoration, Technical Staffing, Specialty Services and Information Technology Development and Use, all designed to create an end-to-end experience for its clients.

Along with its Drop App, Decisive Communications earlier this year launched Serviceability and Cell Tower apps, allowing construction personnel to enter surveys of new and existing properties using their smart device. The Decisive Post-Wire App, deployed in November, allows fulfillment personnel to locate nearby technicians for assistance if any issues arise. Also in development are apps that will allow Decisive technicians to perform safety inspections and quality assurance tasks using smart devices in the field.

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