Timithy B. Harwood is President and Chief Executive Officer of Decisive Communications, Inc. He began his career in the telecommunications industry in 1989 working as a field and construction technician during the telecommunications build in Maryland.  Tim managed his first telecommunication fulfillment company, Aircom, in 1992, after which he filled the role of Operations Manager at Balcom Communications from 1994-2003. At Balcom, Tim quickly earned a reputation as a contracting partner innovator, expanding the company's offerings to include field fulfillment and construction resources.
In 2004, Tim co-founded Decisive Communications. As Vice President, Tim quickly diversified the company's role from fulfillment operations to include all aspects of engineering aerial and underground construction. Tim acquired 100% ownership of Decisive Communications in 2011 and further grew the company to become the recognized leader in fiber construction, restoration and integration among telecommunication partners throughout the east coast. 
Under Tim's Leadership, Decisive Communications has achieved explosive growth, driving revenues of $4 million in 2008 to over $65 million in 2016 while managing over 350 employees. 
Complimenting years of technical operations experience, Tim also completed executive management training from Dale Carnegie and is a member of the prestigious Vistage Group, a CEO level association specializing in executive development and leadership.

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